Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question! Maybe it can be answered in my Frequently Asked Questions!

Basic Information

There are many different ways to order from Happy Occasions. First, you can email me at Or you can click the contact button and choose from one of my three forms for invitations. Just fill out the form and I will be in contact with you shortly on your order. 

When you order any invitations or stationery, I will make sure I have all the information that I need in order to complete your design and send you your invoice. I will need at least 50% of your invoice is paid before any designing will begin. A proof will be sent and any revisions will be made if needed. Once you approve your proof, I will print your design and purchase any other items needed to complete your order. You will be notified that your order is completed and the rest of your invoice must be paid before pickup. 

When you order, I will need your email in order to send you an invoice. Once the invoice is sent, you can either pay via the link in the email or with check (made payable to “Happy Occasions”).

You will definitely get a proof of any design made before printing. It is up to you to make sure that any mistakes are corrected. If you approve the proof and mistakes are found afterwards, you will be responsible for reprinting. 

Ideally, before or about 2 months from your event. Invitations for birthdays, showers, graduations, and other parties need to be sent at least 1 month from the event to allow guests to time to make arrangements to attend. 

First, you must comply your guest list. Once you have your guest list completed, you will need to figure out how many invitations you will need. This is dependent on invitations need per household, so you must account for couples, families, or single guests. 

1 oz. stamps are currently $0.58 as of August 29, 2021.

2 oz. stamps are $0.75.

Postcard stamps are currently $0.40 as of August 29, 2021.

Yes! I offer envelope printing. If you would like envelope printing, just let me know when ordering invitations and I will send you my handout on how to complete the file I need in order to print them for you. 

For general invitations, I need about 2 weeks to complete your design and print and wedding invitations 1-3 months. Right now there is a paper shortage, so times may be longer. I will always keep you updated on the process in case we have any issues. 

Wedding Related

You may book a consultation as early as you are ready to start looking into the cost of custom stationery! I do advise that you have your date, venue(s), colors, and style picked out prior to meeting because all of that can play into your final color and design choices.

Save the dates can be ordered 1 year to 8 months from your wedding date. If you are planning on a destination wedding or having a lot of guests from out out-of-town, then you will need to order Save the Dates closer to the 1 year mark. 

Wedding invitations do not need to be mailed out more than 6-10 weeks from the wedding. The most common number for sending invitations out is 8 weeks. You do not want to send invitations out too early. Guests may not know if they will be able to attend that soon or forget to send in there RSVP. If you have sent a Dave the Date, then you will not need to send them out as early.  

You will need to contact your caterer or reception venue, whoever is needing to know your final count for food. They will have a date that they need to know this by and I recommend choosing a day at least one week prior to this date as your RSVP date. This way if you need to reach out to some people that haven’t RSVP’d you will have some time to do so before getting that final count to your caterer or reception venue.

I can assemble your invitations for you, however I do charge an additional $100 for this service.

You may book a consultation as early as you are ready to start planning for your wedding!  The sooner you book your consultation, I am most likely available for your date.

It’s true, people do throw away your invitations. Only a few people may keep them like your parents, grandparents, and maybe an aunt here or there. Most of your guest are not going to keep that invitation as a keepsake. However what I can tell you is that your invitation is a reflection of your wedding and is your guests’ first look into things to come. If you received a DIY invitation in the mail that had glue showing off the sides and was made out of cheap materials with poor graphic design – would you think that this is a wedding worth investing in? Ideally your guest will be basing your invitation on attendance, their outfit choice, whether they want to pay for travel and accommodations, if they will show up an hour early, on time or late – and how expensive a gift they will bring. The invitation has a huge impact on how your wedding looks. Allow me to help you in this area!

Yes! I do not discriminate against anyone. I have and will continue to work with people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, gender, etc. When it comes to wedding clients – LOVE IS LOVE and I’m here to help you invite guests to celebrate YOUR love!